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AO Eyewear meets with US Trade Representative Katherine Tai
Last week, Ambassador Katherine Tai - the US Trade Representative - traveled to Chicago, Illinois to meet with American Optical's eyewear division, AO Eyewear. The focus of the meeting was on the local impacts of the Biden-Harris Administration's economic agenda, particularly as it relates to American manufacturers.

American Optical's (AO) heritage dates back to 1833 and boasts impressive manufacturing innovations and celebrated moments in American history. Today it is the largest, and one of the very few, manufacturers of eyewear in the United States. During her visit, Ambassador Tai and CEO Scott Shapiro, were able to walk through AO's museum and manufacturing facility before meeting to discuss a variety of relevant and timely issues; including but not limited to:
  • The unique challenges that come with producing eyewear in America
  • Several ways in which the US Government could help domestic eyewear manufacturers
  • The multilateral benefits that come with manufacturing in America
  • …and why President Biden should be wearing domestically produced American Optical Original Pilot™ sunglasses instead of sunglasses produced off-shore. Obviously.
Ambassador Tai was generous with her time, attention, and insights throughout the visit.

"The challenges that face American manufacturers are many and often nuanced. Ambassador Tai's willingness to show up and tune into the specific obstacles a company like ours is facing speaks volumes." - Scott Shapiro

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