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Our Story.
It was 1977 - one garage, two visionaries, six frames. Alan Shapiro was the quintessential traveling salesman and Cynthia Shapiro took care of the rest of the business, including caring for their infant son, Scott. Thanks in equal parts to their determination to succeed and the many friendships they made in the process, Europa Eyewear continued to grow, and the Shapiro family blossomed into the Europa Family as Al and Cyn brought on their first hires (many of whom remain with the company to this day). As Alan Shapiro always said, "We don't have employees, we have families for whom we're responsible."
Over the past 40 plus years, the Europa Family has continued to grow, but the principles on which we were founded have not changed. Support independence. Help our customers grow their business – that’s how we grow. Build friendships, not contacts. It’s incredible to think that those original six frames were the seeds for our eleven independent eyewear brands and our first-of-its-kind American eyewear factory. Our favorite part of ‘Our Story’ is that it is still being written, and that’s thanks to you and your support!
Independent for the Independent

Independence is in our DNA. You can chalk that up to the fact that Europa Eyewear is still owned and operated by its founding family, but it goes further than that. It's a deep-seated belief that we share with independent-minded eye care professionals and eyeglass wearers - that independent offices are vital parts of their communities.

Interested in joining the Europa Family? We don’t call it a family to be cute; we mean it. We’re proud to have mothers and daughters, brothers and sisters working alongside each other in our sales force, office, and factory. Learn about the latest opportunities…
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No logo plaques, just independent eyewear. Learn about our ten diverse brands, offering everything from adult eyewear to kid’s glasses to polarized sunwear.
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Our Illinois eyewear factory is the pride of our company headquarters. Built in 2014, there’s nowhere else like it in the United States. Every day, 60 craftsmen take pride in the work they do in our American factory. Glasses are more than an object to these men and women, they're a job to be done - right.
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