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Sales Career

Europa International is an equal opportunity employer, offering a unique chance for hard working individuals to join a dynamic company that has earned a great reputation in the optical industry. In business since 1977, Europa's revenues have increased each and every year, thus laying the foundation for success and stability for all future employees.

Europa's sales organization is a team you want to be a part of. Every team member is a valuable part of Europa's continued success. You are not just a social security number and a quota at Europa. At Europa, each sales professional essentially runs his or her own business. Europa provides the tools and the opportunity, but after that, your hard work and entrepreneurial spirit will control your destiny. With Europa, unlike many other companies, creativity is encouraged. Certainly the demographics within our industry change from one territory to the next, and more specifically, from one account to the next. Europa allows you the flexibility to creatively meet the needs and demands as they vary from one account to another. At Europa, our wide range of tailored programs, and our diverse product line, give us the opportunity to work with all segments of the market.

A sales career at Europa should be exciting, fun, challenging and rewarding. We believe hard working salespeople should be well rewarded both emotionally and monetarily. As part of a company where the sales team and office staff pull together, you will experience a special camaraderie and spirit. As an individual with your own dreams and goals, Europa gives you the opportunity to make them happen.

We believe that the hard work you put in should be rewarded with a compensation program that is fair, and a benefits package that provides security. Europa's Board of Directors were pleased to announce another increase to the company's matching percentage on their 401K retirement savings plan. As of January 1, 2000, Europa matches 50% of each participants deferral, further evidence of executive management's commitment to each employee.