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The STATE factory and Europa warehouse are growing!
COVID-19 be damned, Europa continues to grow in 2020. As we expand our offering of American-made eyewear, the STATE Optical Co. factory is tripling in size. The additional manufacturing capacity means expanded potential for the AO Eyewear, STATE Optical Co, and Alan J lines. This also means adding another building to our compound to streamline distribution of both its American-made and imported collections.

With the expansion of the STATE Optical Co. factory comes increased capacity to produce more eyewear Made in America as well as the ability to expand each American-made collection for deeper product offerings. Each day, new equipment arrives at the STATE Optical Co. factory. This has already allowed us to expand collections that were once acetate only or metal only to be more diverse. Expect the trend to continue. 

When we relocated in 2016 in order to double the size of our offices and warehouse as well as build the STATE factory, we had no idea how quickly the factory and distribution staff would grow. As the factory expansion outpaced all our plans, Europa must grow into a second building to house our distribution center. This move is about more than just space - with it we are making many technological advancements to streamline order processing and shipping.

The distribution center move will not interrupt service to Europa customers (except for on moving day, November 13th), but rather will expedite order processing as we adopt technological advancements. Already noted for our efficiency in distribution (ranked #1 for Shipping & Handling in the Summer 2020 ViewPoint study), investments in technology will further increase accuracy and decrease the time between when an order is placed and when it is shipped.
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