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2021 Design Duel Winners!
Without further ado, we are thrilled to announce the 2021 Design Duel winners, Ruby and Joslyn!!! Ruby brings us a kid's frame that makes you say 'awwww,' with flower-pattern temples and on-trend pastel colors. Joslyn takes a more modern take on kid's eyewear - focusing on gradient colors rather than pattern. As always, it was a crowded field of entrants and we thank everyone for participating!! Prize baskets are on the way to our winners and their designs will become part of the 2022 Back to School collection. Each style will be named for its designers. Now we're off to work on translating these awesome designs into the real thing. Many thanks to Beacon Family Eye and Arkansas Eye Site for submitting these awesome designs and to everyone who participated in the 4th annual Design Duel!!
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