Managed Care

Meeting the increasing demands of the managed care sector within the optical industry has been one of Europa's primary goals. Throughout managed care's emergence over the last decade, we listened to each organization, and the individual providers as well. We researched their needs and we have met the challenge head on.

Product, value, service, and tailored programs to address issues and concerns specific to each organization are what we have brought to the table. We have worked hard to source product from approximately 30 factories located all over the world to insure that we have the goods to fill the needs of managed care. At the same time, through our customer driven approach, we have developed partnerships with many of the leading managed care organizations throughout the country.

We believe that those consumers obtaining their eyewear through a managed care plan deserve to receive a quality frame. In addition, they should have a wide selection of today's styles to choose from, not a few discontinued models that have gone out of fashion years ago. Up to the minute styling and quality products are possible with Europa's managed care collection. If your managed care organization approves Europa International as a preferred frame vendor, you can be confident of receiving quality eyewear you can be proud to dispense or wear yourself.